Roselyn Sanchez to Present at the 15th Annual Latin Grammy Awards

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It’s just been announced that Roselyn Sanchez will be presenting at the 15th Annual Grammy Awards on November 20th at 8/7c on Univision! You cannot miss it. Check back for green carpet and show pictures!


Roselyn Sanchez on the Cover of “Chica” Magazine

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Roselyn Sanchez is looking absolutely stunning on the cover of Chica Magazine, part of People en Español. Go buy a copy now!

Don’t Miss Drew Van Acker on ‘Camouflage’, His New Movie

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Did you know that Drew Van Acker, who plays Remi Delatour on the show has a new movie coming out this year? Actually, sooner than you think! It’s called Camouflage, and it’ll be released on Vimeo this November 25th! That means all of you will be able to watch it… It doesn’t matter where you’re from!

We are excited to announce that Camouflage, an independent film that tackles the weighty topics including bullying, gun control and mental health, will release worldwide on Nov. 25, after making its debut at the Open Wound Film Festival as part of Santa Fe Comic Con in October.

Cinema fans will be able to watch the film, the first feature from writer, director and star, Kyle T. Cowan via Project Studios 505 on Vimeo. Camouflage will be made available for free, with the filmmakers asking that viewers instead donate the price of a movie ticket to a mental health, gay and lesbian, bullying or gun control organization of their choice.

Watch Camouflage and make a donation to the organization of your choice. Then, commit a random act of kindness and make a quick video explaining what you did and why, and finally, nominate three friends to watch, donate and make a video of their own. More information is available in the video clip above.

The latest trailer is here. Check it out and share it with your friends!

Camouflage (2014) Trailer 2 – Live a lie. from Project Studios 505 on Vimeo.

Chat with Roselyn Sanchez on Facebook Tomorrow!

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Facebook link:

Don’t Expect to See Eva Longoria on ‘Devious Maids’ Soon

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Eva Longoria recently talked about her success as a ‘Devious Maids’ Producer and how she won’t be on camera for Season 3.

Although the show’s producers have been pushing for her to do more on Devious Maids, she tells the Irish Independent we may have to wait for another show next year before she gets back to acting. She would prefer Devious Maids to stay solely as producer/director accomplishment.

Of course everyone would love to see her guest-star on the show… Maybe as her famous ‘Desperate Housewives’ character, Gaby, or an interesting new addiction to the Devious Maids world. I guess only time will tell. Marc Cherry told Deadline earlier this year that he would love to write a part for Eva eventually:

“As far as the cameo, I want to use her (Eva) at some point in the show, and I don’t want to use her as a cameo. I want her to come play a big juicy part. So, we’re looking for the right story line to do that with. She’s a secret weapon I’m holding behind my back and waiting to use it.”


Source: Air Herald

Happy Birthday To Rebecca Wisocky!

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November is a special month for the Devious Maids cast! Today our favorite villain is celebrating her birthday. That’s right, we’re talking about the talented Rebecca Wisocky who plays none other than Evelyn Powell! Check out this video made by one of her biggest fans:

Happy Birthday Rebecca from Kaitlyn Long on Vimeo.

The fansite wishes Rebecca the best on this upcoming year, and we cannot wait to see what’s in store for one of the show’s best characters!

Dania Ramirez Celebrates Her Birthday Today

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Many Birthdays recently! Today make sure you wish our very own Rosie, Dania Ramirez, a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to a Devious Favorite, Judy Reyes!

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Judy Reyes is celebrating her 47th Birthday today! Check out her lovely co-stars Ana Ortiz and Rebecca Wisocky on this awesome Instagram video!

#HappyBirthday Judy Reyes! We love you! @itisijudyreyes @therealanaortiz

A video posted by Rebecca Wisocky (@rebeccawisocky) on

Have you wished her a Happy Birthday yet?

Ana Ortiz Shares Ghost Story

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Devious Maids star Ana Ortiz had a blood-curdling run-in with a supernatural being during her early days as an actress in Los Angeles. She moved into a room in a friend’s two-story home, only to discover that her room was unnaturally chilly year round, no matter the outside temperature.

One afternoon, the young star was in her room, putting on makeup and going over lines when she suddenly felt a “crisp” sense of cold. “Something in here isn’t right,” she recalled.

Suddenly, without warning, the boombox in her room turned on. “I hear music playing,” she said. “I didn’t have anything in my room but this old boombox… from the late ’80s.” The spookiest part? There were no batteries installed…. and no cord.

Two months later, she returned home from a long day of auditions to discover an empty house. She slowly walked up the stairs. As she approached the top of the steps, she felt a blast of cold air along her backside. “It was like getting cold water thrown on you,” Ortiz remembers. “I screamed.” Suddenly, two young boys rushed by her — one chasing the other. They vanished just as suddenly as they appeared.

Later, Ortiz and her roommate discovered from a neighbor that a pair of brothers lived in the home in the ’50s. The two had been in a months-long battle over the same girl…. and the feud ended with them chasing each other through the home and stabbed each other to death in the room where Ortiz now slept.

How creepy is this? Have you ever had any scary ghost or paranormal experiences? Happy Halloween!

Source: Latina

Roselyn Sanchez Looks Stunning at the Lifetime/A&E International Upfronts

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Roselyn Sanchez always looks beautiful! Check out one of the most recent picture she shared on her Official Instagram (Roselyn_Sanchez) at the Lifetime/A&E International Upfronts:

And yet another beach party at Punta Cana! International Upfronts LIfetime/A&E… @deviousmaids #carmenluna

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