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The Official Trailer of Edy Ganem’s New Movie!

Edy Ganem has a new movie coming out, and the official trailer has just been released!

Looks good, doesn’t it?! It Premieres on February 27th, 2015!

Rebecca Wisocky Tweets Picture from the ‘Once Upon A Time’ Set

Anyone here is a fan of ABC’s Once Upon A Time? If you watched last night’s episode you might’ve recognized a familiar face. That’s right – Rebecca Wisocky guest starred on the show. Am I the only one who noticed that she likes to play characters that defend themselves with baseball bats? Haha.

Here’s a picture Rebecca shares with the fans:

Festival 2014 Interview with Ana Ortiz

Roselyn Sanchez Looks Stunning at This Year’s Latin Grammys!

Official Premiere of ‘Camouflage’ Starring Drew Van Acker

Camouflage has Officially Premiered! I was fortunate enough to watch the movie a few days before its premiere, and I can tell you that you’re all going to be very satisfied and blown away with Drew Van Acker’s (aka Remi) latest movie. Everyone involved does a wonderful and outstanding job + the message this movie gives is truly important. You can now watch it below:

Camouflage (2014) #THECAMOUFLAGEPROJECT #CAMOUFLAGEMOVIE from Project Studios 505 on Vimeo.

Please share this link on every social network that you have and show it to your friends and family. If we ever want to put a stop to violence, people need to understand its background. Spread the word about this by using the hashtag: TheCamouflageProject

In exchange for watching the movie, please donate the price of a movie ticket to a mental health, gay and lesbian, bullying or gun control organization. If you need a suggestion, you can contact Kyle T. Cowan. Please donate in the name of Camouflage Movie

Don’t Miss Drew Van Acker on ‘Camouflage’, His New Movie

Did you know that Drew Van Acker, who plays Remi Delatour on the show has a new movie coming out this year? Actually, sooner than you think! It’s called Camouflage, and it’ll be released on Vimeo this November 25th! That means all of you will be able to watch it… It doesn’t matter where you’re from!

We are excited to announce that Camouflage, an independent film that tackles the weighty topics including bullying, gun control and mental health, will release worldwide on Nov. 25, after making its debut at the Open Wound Film Festival as part of Santa Fe Comic Con in October.

Cinema fans will be able to watch the film, the first feature from writer, director and star, Kyle T. Cowan via Project Studios 505 on Vimeo. Camouflage will be made available for free, with the filmmakers asking that viewers instead donate the price of a movie ticket to a mental health, gay and lesbian, bullying or gun control organization of their choice.

Watch Camouflage and make a donation to the organization of your choice. Then, commit a random act of kindness and make a quick video explaining what you did and why, and finally, nominate three friends to watch, donate and make a video of their own. More information is available in the video clip above.

The latest trailer is here. Check it out and share it with your friends!

Camouflage (2014) Trailer 2 – Live a lie. from Project Studios 505 on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday To Rebecca Wisocky!

November is a special month for the Devious Maids cast! Today our favorite villain is celebrating her birthday. That’s right, we’re talking about the talented Rebecca Wisocky who plays none other than Evelyn Powell! Check out this video made by one of her biggest fans:

Happy Birthday Rebecca from Kaitlyn Long on Vimeo.

The fansite wishes Rebecca the best on this upcoming year, and we cannot wait to see what’s in store for one of the show’s best characters!

Dania Ramirez Celebrates Her Birthday Today

Many Birthdays recently! Today make sure you wish our very own Rosie, Dania Ramirez, a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to a Devious Favorite, Judy Reyes!

Judy Reyes is celebrating her 47th Birthday today! Check out her lovely co-stars Ana Ortiz and Rebecca Wisocky on this awesome Instagram video!

#HappyBirthday Judy Reyes! We love you! @itisijudyreyes @therealanaortiz

A video posted by Rebecca Wisocky (@rebeccawisocky) on

Have you wished her a Happy Birthday yet?

Judy Reyes Joins ‘Jane The Virgin’

Who’s been watching the newest CW dramedy Jane The Virgin? Well, if you haven’t yet, we suggest we do! It’s fun, entertaining and very funny! If that doesn’t convince you yet, how about “Devious Maids” star, Judy Reyes, joining the cast for a for multi-episode arc?

Judy Reyes — best known for her work as the hilarious nurse on Scrubs — will be stepping out of her hospital uniform and into a power-suit for multi-episode arc on Jane the Virgin.

Reyes will join the freshman series after the New Year as Dina, the head writer of Rogelio’s (Jaime Camil) telenovela The Passions of Santos.

You can watch Jane The Virgin every Monday at 9/8c on The CW!

Source: ET Online

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